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Dealing With Bullying

Bullying occurs when a child or group of children abuse their power to hurt others.

The effects of bullying on a child often lead to dire consequences, which can manifest in self-esteem and emotional problems, feelings of loneliness and inferiority, social isolation and depression. Sadly, in some cases, the bullied child is left feeling so helpless that their only escape is suicide.

As an accredited Life Coach and Counsellor I am uniquely equipped to help your child develop the skills and techniques that are vital in dealing with bullies. I believe in being proactive rather than reactive. My approach involves teaching your child how to use these skills and techniques to:

  •  decide how and when to confront the bully
  •  identify the pattern of bullying and stop it immediately
  •  build stronger social connections
  •  improve self- esteem
  •  prevent similar situations from arising in the future.

As a mom, I feel so strongly that more has to / can be done to address the problem of bullying in schools.

So often I hear of cases where parents are left feeling angry and frustrated with a school because all their attempts to address matters with the school have proven fruitless. The sad reality is that in many cases schools either choose to ignore the problem of bullying, not take it seriously enough, or simply do not have the appropriately-qualified staff to deal with bullying effectively.

If your child is a victim of bullying and needs help, please contact me…

Did you know?

More than 3.2 million learners are bullied yearly in South Africa

160 000 high school learners bunk school daily to avoid being bullied

16% of learners admit to being victims of cyber-bullying

More than 67% of bully victims will not ask a teacher for help because they don’t think it will change their situation

90% of school bullying is carried out by learners

8% of school bullying is carried out by teachers

Source: www.saferschools.co.za

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